How to Create a Business Card that People Will Keep

The idea of owning a business card is not enough, as the question is “will the people you give your business card keep it?” Since a business card is being considered as part of the branding process, it obviously means certain budget and creative have gone into the creation, thereby making it qualify to be on your Return On Investment index.

Who is then to be blamed for a little or no ROI on the hundreds of Business Cards that you have distributed to people? To a certain extent, owners of business cards are to be questioned. Before you print the final copies of your business cards, have you answered the following questions:

  1. Is the business card creative enough?
  2. Does it leave a first and lasting impression on people?
  3. Is it the regular design of name, position, and address?
  4. Is it part of your marketing tools?
  5. If you are in the position of a prospective but scarce customer, will your own Business Card make you want to place a call or check out your own website?

Making a decision to get creative business cards for yourself should also come with a mind that they must be effective business cards. No matter how little or costly the budget spent on creating your business cards, they must serve their purposes of leads generation and patronage.

Basically, you need to understand as a business owner, sales personnel, employee, employer, etc., that as part of your major marketing areas like Social Media Marketing, Face to Face marketing, Email marketing, etc., you need to add a very tangible one to the list; Business card marketing.

Here are some business card tips that would help your business grow and make you connect more with the right people:

  • Get a Business Card Specialist: There are a handful of creative designers out there, from freelancers to registered companies, that design everything designable but that does not make every one of them business card specialists. When you set out to get your business card created, you need specialists like Elan Brand Builders, who have taken it upon themselves to make business card creation their specialization. When you get hold of your order from them, you see luxury and finesse yet, they are best are making awesome and cheap business cards for all levels of business owners or business card users.
  • Make a Statement with your Business Card: It goes beyond the regularities of name, position, and address; it takes more. A business card beautifully designed with a QR Code that leads holders to more details about your company, or a business card with a coupon code that gives a discount on your website for visiting, will represent you and your brand effectively. These special and millennial features make statements that you are extraordinarily creative and you could serve the best with your services.
  • Use Testimonials as Marketing on your Business Card: One of the most appealing approaches in marketing is showing evidence of efficiency through customers’ testimonies. With an advanced touch on your business card, you could either paste links of these testimonials on your card or if they are short and catchy, you could print them on a strategic part of your business card. Indirectly, you are bringing human elements into your business card design and marketing.
  • Adopt a Profile Picture on your Business Card: You need to know as a business owner, employee or employer that, there is a throng of people like you out there, doing the same thing like you do. But like Social Media profiles with the same names, you separate yourself by adding your picture as part of the creative elements on your business card. It does not only show the level of your creativity, it also makes you stand out in the crowd. You have higher chances in the business cards safe of those who need your kind of service.
  • Use Bespoke Material for your Business Card: Obviously, there is a limited option of materials that business cards are created from. Starting from cardboards, art papers, plastics, steels, etc. There is still room for uniqueness. How? For instance, you may scout through the number of cards you have ever received or seen as a person, propose to your designer to use what is not common in your location as material for your business card. Being unique is honorable.

We could go on and on with tips that would make people keep your business card, but it cannot be compared to you having a special design for your brand from us at Elan Brand Builders, why? We create a business card that speaks on its own!